ne inquitez pas


This is my eee PC. I thought at the beginning of the trip that it would be a little silly to bring along, but it’s proved itself most useful during downtime (like now). I can now touch type with it – which is amazing and along with a mouse it’s very useful. The desktop linux distro is alright, although some apps don’t work quite like you’d hope and the machine gets a little underpowered while multitasking. But all in all it does pull its weight.

camping sauvage


The reason I’m able to do this trip at all is that the majority of my stays are in camping sites around the country, ala, camping sauvage. In the states, you’d call this bushwhacking, I suppose.

This is just before leaving one campsite. Not the worst place to spend the night, eh?



The French country side looks much like this: fields of wheat for however long you can see. In the distance, you’ll see a church steeple or a water tower and you’ll know you’re close to town. Towns start abruptly and end just as abruptly – sometimes only lasting a block – and then, more fields of wheat.



This is a very small, sad skatepark in a small town. And also very dangerous. The ramps are steel, with no paint covering, meaning, when it gets hot, these gets very hot – hot enough to burn your skin. No one skating today.

If I do get to Marsilles, I may have to find a board to ride, and fulfill a fantasy I had when I was 16 (they have an amazing skatepark in that town)



I haven’t translated these signs myself, but a town I went by had some, I think anti-nuclear powered signs up. Nuclear power is used primarily in France for electricity. I couldn’t understand, a I thought nuclear plants need a major source of water to run and I wasn’t near one of those, but maybe I’m mistaken.

hyper choice

Also at the hypermarche is the cycling section, which was better stocked then some cycling-specific stores I’ve been to.


Amongst other things are pairs of sew up tires, a rear derailer in a plastic package and some nice blinky lights. I managed to pick up a few things I still needed.



Coming out of a hypermarche, which could use a entry all in itself, with a few baguettes in tow. I thought this was a cutesy thing to do, but in town, if you ride a bike, this is how you get baguettes home.

Graf Art


This is in the middle of nowhere, but shows some of the graf art you see around here. In this one, you have your ordinary “Wild Style”, which seems always mixed in with cartoon characters. In this case, Disney’s, “Aladdin”. I’ve also seen strange purple smurfs and things like that. This piece looks like it was commissioned. It is strange, as we are in the middle of almost nowhere and it doesn’t really fit it.

A lot of the other street art I’ve seen is somewhat sad – it’ll be just somsone’s names – or even notes to other writers. Sometimes it’s on very old stone buildings where you really wish it wasn’t there. Trees seems to be a likely target for whatever reason.

Taking the train to Paris from the Airport, you do see a gigantic run-on sentence of tags, which is a spectacle in of itself, but the letters are all pretty plain and almost all of them are black outlines with white fills. In Paris, I did see things like Dunnys and vinyl toys for sale. I’m not the hugest fans of these things, but it was funny seeing them sold alongside minatures of comic book characters in comic book/video game stores.

I’m sure if I dig further, I’ll find better things. Any suggestions?

Cafe Life: watching the world go by


I managed to barely catch this couple on their bicycle today, while at the cafe studying. The cafe seats all point outward and the cafe itself is situated in the center of town, expressly for people watching.